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With his ability to narrate with composition, paint with light and emote with movement, Steele Stride’s near two decade career as a D.O.P. and camera operator has afforded him the opportunity of working both locally, in his native South Africa, and later across the planet, eventually settling in Dubai, U.A.E.

Identifying a gap in the market and fueled by his unrelenting passion for ideas, technical resolution and narrative expression eventually led Steele to specialize in underwater cinematography, as well as, aerial, remote head and gimbal operating.

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2022 - Dubai Lynx Award Winner, "Adidas - Beyond the Surface" - Dubai

2016 - SAFTA award for best reality series "Ultimate Braai Master" - SA

2016 - Winner of 2016 Best Game Show at the SAFTAs, “Durban Rescue” - SA

2014 - Emmy nominee, "American Survivor" - Nicaragua

2013 - Best Reality TV Show at the SAFTAs, “Down for the Guap- SA

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